Greetings from The Arlington Graduate Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta!

Phi Tau Texas Recruitment Banner The Arlington, TX. Fiji Graduate chapter is made up of a group of dedicated Fiji Graduates from the University of Texas Arlington, and Fiji Graduates from other Universities who reside in the North Texas Area. This site is designed to keep our members updated, to inform the public, and to provide college age men who may be contemplating Phi Gamma Delta membership, and their families, with an overview of our Fraternity. Membership in Phi Gamma Delta is "Not for College days alone" but rather offers a lifetime of friendship, brotherhood and support.

Brother, where art thou?

Brother Where Are You? Over a span of 50+ years, people move, email addresses change, and phone numbers die a natural death. If you haven't been receiving emails or the ocassional phone call, we probably don't know where you are. Clue us in by sending us an email with your important information so that we can keep you informed! Contact Us

Date Set for the 2022 Arlington Graduate Chapter Pig Dinner

Novembver 5, 2022 is the date, Texas Rangers Golf Club Center Field Ballroom and Terrace Patio is the place, and 6 pm to 10 pm is the time.The Norris Pig Dinner is a Fiji tradition which has been followed each year by Phi Tau graduates and the Arlington Graduate Chapter for more that 50 years and is of course in keeping with the many years in which our National Fraternity has celebrated the brotherhood which is "Not for college days alone". It is always a special occasion which is enjoyed by all who attend. Make your plans now to attend!

Brother Tom Willhoite has passed Ad Astra

On June 21, 2022 we learned that Brother Tom Willhoite died of natural causes. It was a black day for Phi Tau and all who knew him. Certainly he needs no introduction as every man that has passed through Phi Tau knew the name Tom Willhoite. He was one of the founders of Tri Chi, an initiated Brother of Phi Gamma Delta, and a very committed graduate brother to the end. He was the embodiment of our motto "Not for College Days Alone".Tom's wishes not to have a funeral will be honored and his wish that his Brothers gather and have a drink will be honored. It was his Brothers that he singled out in his passing. Tom is survived by his wife Cherry. - A date for Tom's wake has yet to be set but it will be selected soon and we will relay that date and time to all who wish to be present, so polish up your best Hoyt story and get ready to hoist one for Tom.