Arlington Graduate Chapter Funded Scholarships

The Arlington Graduate chapter has funded several scholarship funds through the generous donations of a number of its Graduate Members. These scholarships are directed by the Arlington Graduate Chapter and are available from chapter scholarship funds managed by the Phi Gamma Delta foundation.

Phi Gamma Delta Foundation

The Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation provides Academic Scholarships to undergraduate brohers awarded on the basis of need for financial assistance, merit, leadership, and citizenship. Lastly the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation funds several other programs. Health and Safety Education, is very important in support of its strong commitment to alcohol education and sexual assault prevention education for the Fraternity's pledges, members and chapters. Leadership Development training programs in conjuncion with the Leadership Institute are funded, and designed to create a custom leadership training program for Phi Gamma Delta. and The Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation CHEF Program provides educational grants to house corporations for chapter housing, furnishings, equipment and annual maintenance.

Arlington Graduate Chapter funded Scholarships

A number of Arlington Graduate Brothers have funded scholarships for the Phi Tau undergraduate brothers here at the University of Texas at Arlington. These scholarships are designed to be funded in perpetuaty and are financially managed by the National Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation.

Kirk D. WaldenIn 2016 Brother Kirk Walden established three endowed grants: "Phi", "Gamma" and "Delta", which are held and managed by the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation for the sole benefit of Phi Tau members. The Grants are designed to encourage brothers to get leadership experience, and mitigate the financial opportunity costs of committing the time necessary to truly learn from the process.

Greek Letter DeltaThe "Delta" Grant is fully funded in perpetuity to pay out a minimum of $4000.00 per year ($2000.00 per semester). It is awarded to one chapter officer each year.

Greek Letter PhiThe "Phi" Grant is currently in the fund raising process. It is targeted at committee chairmen, and will pay out $1000.00 to a different chair each semester ($2000.00 per year).

Greek Letter GammaThe "Gamma" Grant is also in the fund raising process and is based on scholarship. It will pay out $2000.00 per year to one Phi Tau undergraduate once full funded.

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